Thursday, 12 February 2015


Well, sort of....

I chased them up again with a short and sweet email on the 9th February as I still had not heard anything since the 29th January. 

From a customer service (har har) point of view it would have been nice to get a "Hi, sorry, we are still looking into it" but I should know by now not to expect such things from Sony.

I got this email today

Sony Computer Entertainment Europ Header

Thanks for your recent contact with PlayStation Support.

I can confirm that we have had an update from our investigation team in regards to your case. A file for the content has been placed at the top of your downloads lists.

I hope this helps, but if you have any other questions please call PlayStation Support using the contact details below.

Thank you,

Management Team / Product Specialist
PlayStation Support
Could this be it? Could they have finally sorted it?

Well, yes, to a certain extent but let me explain...

I'm no longer a Playstation Plus member (and dont intend to be again due to this nightmare) but when I was, I downloaded 'Harry Potter' for the Vita when it was on PS Plus.

They have given me the Vita one, not the PSP one.

Sigh...Shall I bother querying it? To be honest, no.

So here ends my saga with Playstation Support. I never contacted the game publisher as they suggested (which was bollocks) and never rang them back.

I'll keep this blog up.

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